Escape What it does. 含义

Backslash () 反斜杠

' Single-quote (') 单引号

" Double-quote (") 双引号

a ASCII bell (BEL) 响铃符

 ASCII backspace (BS) 退格符

f ASCII formfeed (FF) 进纸符

ASCII linefeed (LF) 换行符

N{name} Character named name in the Unicode database (Unicode only) Unicode数据库中的字符名;name就是它的名字

ASCII Carriage Return (CR) 回车符

ASCII Horizontal Tab (TAB) 水平制表符

uxxxx Character with 16-bit hex value xxxx (Unicode only) 值为16位十六进制xxxx的字符

Uxxxxxxxx Character with 32-bit hex value xxxxxxxx (Unicode only) 值为32位十六进制xxxx的字符

v ASCII vertical tab (VT) 垂直制表符

ooo Character with octal value ooo 值为八进制ooo的字符

xhh Character with hex value hh 值为十六进制数hh的字符